Clauses & Sentence Correction Technic

You may need some technic of clauses and sentence corrections, because these two chapters are very important in the competitive exam specially in admission test and job recruitment exam. So you have to learn it. There are some kinds of technic to learn it. But those are not effective. In this article, I have given clauses and sentence corrections technic. So read this full article and go through these rules or learn these rules in an effective way.

Clause Technic
Technic Clause

You Can also download this clause file as pdf. This pdf files Clause chapter on detail. So download this file to read more about clause.

Now we discuss about sentence correction. Correction is important lesson of English language. But if you read properly it is not so hard to learn. See the image below

There are only three kinds of tense above, But in the pdf file, all the tense are discussed. So if you learn more about sentence correction you have to download pdf file.

What kind of pdf file you want? let me know by your comment in the comment box. I will try to provide it in the next post. Thank you.

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